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Q. Do I need to be able to cook to be a volunteer?
A. No, there will always be tasks to do in the kitchen that don’t require any cooking skills. If you're not comfortable being in the kitchen there are also hosting roles where you can help set-up the dining area, serve and talk to the guests.

Q. Why I can’t click on any of the events?
A. If you have registered and are unable to see any events this is likely to be because you haven’t supplied your emergency contact details. If you go to your My FoodCycle page you should see an item in your ‘to-do list’, or alternatively you can supply these details by clicking on "My account" in the top right-hand corner. Once we have these details you should be able to access the events.

Q. Why won't My FoodCycle let me join the cooking team?
A . Unless the team is already full this is likely to be because you haven’t completed the food hygiene quiz. It’s a requirement of our insurance that all volunteers have a basic knowledge of food hygiene. You can access this via the ‘to-do list’ on your My FoodCycle page.

Q. I’ve completed the test but it still won't let me sign onto the cooking team?
A. The Food Hygiene Quiz requires you to get 100% so if you’d made any mistakes on your first attempt you can go back to the questions you got wrong and amend the answer. If you still can’t join the team check whether the team is full. If you are still have problems please contact us at hubs@foodcycle.org.uk

Q. What should I do if I’ve signed up for a session but I can’t make it?
A. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise that may prevent you from coming along to a session. If you need to cancel please go to the event and press the ‘Leave Team’ so another volunteer can take your place. If the cancellation is within three days before the event please contact the team via their e-mail address ([name of hub]@foodcycle.org.uk) to give them the best opportunity to find a replacement volunteer.

Q. Can I volunteer at more than one Hub?
A. Yes – once you’ve registered on My FoodCycle you can volunteer at any of our Hubs. Simply register on the events you want to attend so we know you are coming. You can also keep up to date by editing your account and selecting the hubs you like to attend.

Q. How do I become a Hub Leader?
A. If, after coming to a few cooking sessions, you decide you’d like to become a Hub Leader, speak to an existing Hub Leader about opportunities or check out our vacancies on the main FoodCycle website.

Q. Can I simply come along for the meal?
A. Yes, generally – most of our Hubs are open to anyone. However, some of our Hubs work with specific groups, like LSE and Portsmouth Hub. If you'd like to go along to their meal just ask one of the Hub Leader team first.

Q. All the dates are full. When will the next sessions appear?
A. To stop sessions from getting booked up months in advance, Hubs normally only have two months of sessions open at one time. Please check back in a week or two to see if the next sessions are live yet, or email the Hub Leader team to find out when they'll be opening up the next events.

Q. Can I bring a friend along to the session?
A. Of course you can! However, if your friend wants to join a volunteer team they will need to sign onto My FoodCycle separately so that we can ensure we have emergency contact details for everyone who volunteers with FoodCycle.

Q. How do I claim back my expenses?
A. You can claim back travel expenses for volunteering up to the value of £5. Please find the volunteer expense claim form on the Resources page. Please pass completed forms to a Hub Leader or send to us at hubs@foodcycle.org.uk along with your tickets so please keep you receipts. We’ll reimburse you within two weeks.